About Anika

About Anika

Anika Jackson is a senior communications and marketing professional with over 25 years of experience working with diverse brands and clients to build local and global interest and create meaningful, synergistic relationships between brands and consumers. Besides her role as a graduate level professor at USC Annenberg and co-producer and co-host of the USC MediaSCape speaker series and podcast, she is VP of PR at Full Capacity Marketing. Anika also produces and hosts the Your Brand Amplified® podcast and created the Brand Amplifier program for small businesses. Anika is a bestselling Amazon author in the women’s anthology, Business on Purpose Vol. 2. 

She is a member of the Intuit Small Business Council, serves on the advisory board for UC Santa Barbara’s Women in Leadership executive program, and contributes her knowledge and thought leadership for the benefit of multiple local, national, and global nonprofits. Most recently, Anika is pursuing her MBA at Villanova, specializing in AI/ML and Marketing.

Honors & Awards

Women in the Fast Lane of STEAM, Greater Houston Women’s Chamber of Commerce, 2018

Houston Style Boss, Conscious Couture, 2017

Child Care Council of Greater Houston 2016 Honoree

2016 Houston Grand Opera 10th Annual Ovation Award Recipient

January 2016 National Point of Light Award (George Bush Volunteer Award)

Houston’s “It” Girls of 2015 Honored by The Houston Chronicle

Youth Leadership Council of Houston’s 2015 Community Impact Award

Houston Woman Magazine’s 2014 HER Award for “Maximum Mom”

“Inspirational Leader” Award by Los Angeles Foundation for Second Chances, 2014

I am writing to recommend the services of Anika Jackson, of Anika PR as a public relations and marketing company. I have been working with Anika PR and her team for the last couple of months and she has never disappointed me. Anika PR and team are detailed and keen to meet all my expectations. I have worked with [other PR firms] in the past, in an effort to grow my Mental Health services and Anika PR is by far one of the best in the business.
In the short time working with Anika PR, I was able to book several major campaigns and events that has allowed me to reach people all over the world.

Dr. Meagan Tamara Copelin Founder & CEO of Meagan Copelin Global & Mental Rich

Anika is vision forward and thinks outside the box. She teaches you how and why to take advantage of marketing opportunities. Anika has an eye for details in branding, marketing and public relations!

Arlana Brooks Arlana's Gourmet Cookies

The outcome has really helped drive in users to our website. We have had close to 200 new users since using Anika PR. Thank you to you and your team. Although they aren’t purchasing they are signing up. I thank God for your work.
And one pastor in particular was on the list of churches you all sent an email to and he has become such a good friend and Council.

Day Edwards Churchspace

Anika brings brilliant strategy and energetic execution along with exuberant inclusion to every project she approaches. She's straightforward about what she knows and recruits easily to fill gaps in a team. Anika is also particularly smooth and effective in attracting people to a cause, event, or organization. And, she's a terrific networker; if she thinks you should meet someone, I recommend agreeing.

Elissa Unton CEO of ArcVida

Anika is by far one of the most persistent and thorough PR people I have ever worked with. She is continually seeking new angles and ways to get exposure for her clients. Highly recommended!!!

Evan Leaphart Founder, Kiddie Kredit and Black Men Talk Tech

I have worked with Anika's company since just before the COVID lockdown. I have been impressed that even during these trying times, her company's, and indeed her own efforts, to help market my law firm have not only been successful, but extremely successful. I have found the price for service to be very reasonable, and I like the personal attention that my company gets with the marketing plans and implementation. I would highly recommend utilizing her company for marketing needs both on a local, and national level.

Ira Domnitz Stephens Domnitz Meinecke PLLC

Anika is an Outstanding PR person and her staff has Matchless Talent with a Superior Skill set to adapt to the needs of their clients. I would most definitely recommend her services in the Public Relations space and beyond.

Julius Cartwright Equity Movement Enterprises

Anika Jackson is an amazing Creative Director, Publicist and PR Rep. She flawlessly handles all aspects of my media relations with expertise, in a timely manner.
Ms. Jackson has been key in bringing my brand to the forefront and continues to make sure that I understand all of the key elements needed at each step of the way for successful experiences.
Whether you are a start-up or a company looking for experienced representation, Anika is the women for the job.

Kristen Fenrick Klearly Kristen and EnStyle with Klearly Kristen

I am over the moon with the number of podcast interviews, magazine articles, and more publicity that I have been able to get since I have engaged Anika PR for services. She is my trusted PR partner for my client needs!

Zhe Scott The SEO Queen

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