Exploring the Transformative Power of Scalar Energy with Tom Paladino

Imagine having the universe's energy at your fingertips. Tom Paladino, the innovative force behind Scalar Light, introduces us to the phenomenon of Scalar Energy, a primal energy that powers the sun, the stars, and according to Tom, our lives. He unveils the workings of his Scalar Energy Instrument, an intriguing device capable of lighting a bulb without any moving parts. But it doesn't stop there; he also reveals how this energy can balance our chakras, enhance our spiritual health, and influence the world around us. A journey into the unknown, with a companion who has dedicated his life to exploring these cosmic currents.

But the universe's energy doesn't just light up our lives; it has the potential to heal. This episode unearths the healing capabilities of Scalar Energy, thanks to Tom's unique instrument that can treat millions of photographs at once. This discovery opens up a world of possibilities, from guiding decision-making processes to reinforcing the power of positive thinking and prayer. Tom also shares his insights on maintaining the work-life balance and directs our attention to the notion that energy flows where attention goes. What's more? You can experience all this and more with a free 15-day trial on his website.

As we wrap up, Tom talks about the slew of benefits Scalar Light brings. It can download nutrients into individuals for a healthier balance, aid with addictions, promote positivity, and assist in weight loss. He warmly invites listeners to a 15-day free session to witness the Scalar Light instrument's magic. Amidst these challenging times, Tom concludes with a profound message of love, emphasizing the healing power of loving oneself, our neighbors, and God. Don't miss this riveting episode, where we traverse uncharted territories and uncover the universe's energy's transformative power. Your journey to quantum health begins here.


Episode Transcript

Anika Jackson 00:01

Welcome to your Brand Amplified, the podcast where we interview marketers, publicists and brands to learn their stories, what makes them tick and tips and tricks that make a difference. This is your Brand Amplified, and we’re doing something a little different. I love to have episodes where we’re talking about things that entrepreneurs themselves come up with but also need to think about when it comes to our health and well-being. Tom Paladino is going to treat us to something really special today on the podcast. So, Tom of Scale Our Light, thank you for being here. 

Tom Paladino 00:39

And I thank you for the invitation, Anika. 

Anika Jackson 00:42

Of course. So I’ve looked at your website a little bit. I’ve obviously looked at your profile, your LinkedIn, but I’d love for you to tell us a little bit about what is Scale, Our Light, and how did you become interested in this topic. 

Tom Paladino 00:58

Scale Our Light. I work with Scale Our Light instruments. What is Scale Our Light? It’s the energy of the universe, the light of the universe. This is the energy that gives power to the sun and the stars. It’s not electricity. So we’re working with the primal cause, the initial energy of the universe. It’s so important to realize that, because energy is fundamental and when you can work with this fundamental energy, you can control nature, you have a command over nature. 

Anika Jackson 01:28

Interesting. I am a big believer in that there is a finite amount of energy in the universe right, and so we’re all connected in different ways, and I love reading things about how nature is connected. You can actually see that trees and plants are speaking to each other through root systems and all of the beauty that’s entailed in energy. But let’s take a step back. How did you get interested in this topic? What did you study in school? Did you know that you’re going to go into this field, or did you have something else in mind? 

Tom Paladino 02:01

That’s a great question. I always loved science. I was always very curious and, frankly, I did not know what I wanted to do in high school or college. But I read as a youngster. I read about the work of Nikla Tesla and I said to myself, okay, this is wonderful, this is fascinating. However, this is a new science. How is it possible that I’m supposed to gear project myself to a new science that has no academic standing? Well, you do it alone, and that’s what I’ve done. It’s groundbreaking research. So after my university career, I decided to study independently Groundbreaking research, and I’ve taken the years to get this far, but that’s what it takes. I’m at the vanguard of this movement right now. 

Anika Jackson 02:46

Yes, and this has been your life’s work essentially that’s correct. Yeah, so tell us what you discovered in that process of your studying it. What compelled you to realize this is something that everybody needs to know about. This is something that somebody needs to spend their life investigating and figuring out how we, as humans, can utilize this for our own health. 

Tom Paladino


Yeah, you’re absolutely right. So what’s the point here? Technology should help people. That’s the bottom line. Why did I spend a lifetime at this? Because this is free energy. It’s clean, renewable, cannot cause any harm, it’s non-physical, its benefits are immeasurable as compared to electricity or coal or gasoline engines, et cetera. Wow, so let me demonstrate. Behind me is Scholar Energy Instrument. This is a miniature star. Remember, scholar Energy is from the Sun and the Stars, so I have a miniature star behind me. The energy is so strong. If I hold a light bulb in my hand, the instrument can illuminate the light bulb. Wow, now what’s the point? There’s energy in my laboratory pulsing. With this free energy, scholar Energy, and the key is now presently, I’m able to use that energy to improve what I call quantum health, not biological health, human health on the quantum level, meaning on the level of information or the level of intelligence. We’ll get into that Awesome. 

Anika Jackson 04:15

Anybody who is listening to this episode instead of watching needs to stop what you’re doing right now and go to Traverse TV or to YouTube and watch this episode so that you can see everything that Tom is sharing and demonstrating, because that was remarkable the fact that you can harness this energy. So how do you harness the stars and the Sun energy? 

Tom Paladino 04:34

That’s the key. I’ll show the instrument really quickly. If you look at this instrument, there’s no moving parts, right? So we actually capture the energy from the Sun and the stars. It’s all around us, but I’ve learned how to channel it, how to focus it with this instrument. Now, what do I mean by that? 


I work with people, but not in a biological sense. I work with people energetically by way of their photograph. I’m holding up my photograph, which has Scholar Energy attached to it. My photograph, anybody’s photograph, has energy attached to it, specifically a scalar signal, and if I place my photograph inside that instrument, then I’m enjoying a chakra balancing. There’s so much white light going into my photograph, it will balance my chakras. So the amount of white light that’s illuminating now is the identical white light entering into my chakra field or into my quantum field. This is all non-physical light, corrective light, it’s divine light. So scan energy’s chi, prana, consciousness. The instrument’s so strong it will broadcast that consciousness of that chi or prana to the point it can illuminate a light bulb. This is what I’ve discovered. It’s quite fascinating and it has broad applications to quantum health. Energetic meaning our body’s intellectual composition, our force field or the aura, not flesh and bones, our aura. 

Anika Jackson 06:06

Yeah, so what are some of the ways that you use it with people right now? 

Tom Paladino 06:11

Okay, as I demonstrated, we have three main protocols. For one hour a day, I’ll take a person’s photograph and I will practice a chakra balancing. If I keep your photograph close to this instrument for one hour a day, you’re receiving that amount of light in your chakras, in your brainwaves. So what does that mean? You’re happier. Many people say they have a sensation of euphoria, or you can sleep better. Some people say they have a surge of energy. I would just say that they no longer have a desire for excessive alcohol or cigarettes. So the chakra balancing by this white corrective light seems to balance. The chakra seems to curb, or, if you will overcome addictions or phobias. Now how the light is corrective, it’s divine light. There’s no human reasoning to this process. The protocol that I exercise is a light protocol, no human input. There’s no human reasoning. Hence there’s no room for human error. 

Anika Jackson 07:16

So it reminds me a little bit of when you hear like reiki or laying on of hands and like helping people heal through giving them different energy, and I know it’s something you know. I’m sure some people listening are like, yes, this sounds really interesting and innovative. Other people are like this is so out of left field. I don’t really understand it unless you’ve experienced it or studied right. So when you started this journey, what did people think? Did you get a lot of pushback and like what? How are you going to make a career out of that? What is this? 

Tom Paladino 07:48

Yeah, you know, most people are very gracious because they want to see progress, and only those who really who are stiff neck will not listen. You know, if I’m following the laws of science, there’s no deception. You cannot fool the laws of science. So this is a scientific process. So, furthermore, I really stand on the shoulders of two men that I know Tesla, nikola Tesla, and another scientist by name of Gail and Hieronymus. Both of them had skater energy instruments and I’ve learned from them and in many ways, I’ve copied them. So what’s taken place for the past 100 years is not my exclusive endeavor. I am working. This is the next generation of skater energy development. Now, put all of that into context. What can we do with this instrument? Well, when people come to our website, we give them a 15-day free session because we want people to experience this new technology. It’s never been done before again. My instrument is unique. So one hour a day, we’ll balance the chakras. The second hour a day follow me. 


I take photographs of microbes and I match them up with photographs of people. Now, remember, this is all information. Intelligence, it’s not a biological process. The energy of, let’s say, the herpes virus will look for the signal. The herpes virus inside my quantum field. This instrument can find the herpes virus inside of me and bring it to a state of chaos or disassemble it Through intelligence. It’s not a chemical process. So all I have to do is take a photograph of a microbe and the instrument will find that microbe and eradicate it. 


Whether it’s the herpes virus or the epstein bar virus, or, say, a bacterium, enterococcus, the instrument finds the signal for the pathogen. Now again, why do I use photographs? My photograph is a source of light. It’s perfect. Enterococcus as a bacterium, it has a source of light. That is perfect. If you communicate with these two fields, with those two communication systems, it’s perfect communication. So you cannot make a mistake. So if I communicate enterococcus with my force field, that’s what’s going to happen, and I can find a enterococcus and destroy it, remove it, bring it to a state of chaos. 

Anika Jackson 10:12

I’d love to hear some case studies, because when people come to the website, they have to send you a photo, right? They have to input information about their health or do a quick review. 

Tom Paladino 10:21

Actually, I treat everybody identically, so there’s no one-on-one session Today. I work with thousands of photographs. To your previous question, here’s a PCR test result a polymerase chain reaction test result for somebody who had herpes and, according to this person, they no longer have a viral load for herpes after the scalar energy session. Wow, here’s a PCR test for Epstein bar and herpes. This individual says they no longer have a viral load for Epstein bar or herpes. Here’s a PCR test a before and after PCR test for somebody who had HIV. Four months after we worked with this person by way of their photograph, they no longer have any viral load for HIV. There’s another person who submitted a test result undetectable no viral load for HIV. 


We have 4,000 testimonies on the website. So you get my point. This is not hyperbole. This is not my imagination. People from around the world tell me that they no longer have disease conditions. They feel better. They have a surge of energy. Many of their disease symptoms have left To be very clear. You cannot explain what I’m doing by way of Newtonian physics or by way of medical science. I don’t work with Newtonian principles. This is not a medical device. I work with the aura, the energy field of a person. Now we know in Western medicine they’re working with flesh and bones. I never work in person. I don’t work with people. I work with the aura on a photograph. 

Anika Jackson 11:57

Interesting, and do people usually come to you for one issue, for instance for one of those diseases, and then continue working with you on other things after that, or do they usually like one thing and then they’re like I’m healed? 

Tom Paladino 12:12

All of the above. People are so different. So I work with thousands of people every day. So some people simply say well, I’ll try this 15-day session and I’ll see what it’s all about. And after 15 days, most of them are believers, because they feel better. Now, why do they feel better? Well, there’s thousands of conditions and there’s thousands of reasons why they feel better. As a new science, we’re gaining data. As a new science. Nobody to match my work with, so I’m alone at this, so I have to rely upon the testimonies of people, because that’s all I have. Nobody else has duplicated my results, but I will say, most people, after we give them the 15-day free session, feel better. So there’s something there or something’s happening. 

Anika Jackson 12:56

And then, after the 15 days, what does it look like? Because I know this is a large investment, obviously, of your time, your money, your intellect and your spiritual ability. So is it cost prohibitive after 15? 

Tom Paladino 13:09

days. No, it’s $89 a month. I’m trying to heal the road. I don’t want to break the bank here and I realize times are tough today. So my goal as a researcher is to help people. I’m not in this for money, Suffice to say. You have nothing to lose except your germs. 

Anika Jackson 13:28

I’m just floored that this isn’t being used by more people. Well, I’m floored, but I’m not, at the same time, right, because we know that we live in a capitalist society. That’s all about how much money you make from pharma and from doctors and from all these other things. So I want to know a little bit more about, like you said, people are very welcoming and most people are very accepting and they engage, especially once they start seeing results. Have you had pushback from the medical establishment or are people starting to go? No, we want to work with you. 

Tom Paladino 14:00

That’s a good point. I have not had any pushback from the medical establishment because I’m not practicing medicine. Yeah, okay, Okay now I don’t mean to be coy with you. I would say that to anybody. This is not medicine, this is a new science when we realize that a photograph carries a signal. Right now we’re having a conversation through our computers. It’s a computer interview. Well, your image is my computer, my image, I’m sure the audience sees in the laboratory. Well, what’s the point? If you can share an image, you can share a photograph, Great, Okay. So a photograph has a source of light energy, intelligence. This is the new science. First, we have to define what we’re doing. So, to answer your question, nobody in the medical field has this instrument. Nobody has. 

Anika Jackson 14:47

My experience, yeah, and you mentioned that you work with thousands of people a day. What does that look like? Because imagine that you can hold up photos to do you have a large machine. That oh okay. 

Tom Paladino 15:01

The photographs are miniaturized. Amazing, Placing that collage inside the instrument. I can easily fit two, three million photographs in the instrument at a time. So my goal is to heal the world by way of photographs, and we’re in the process of doing so. Today, in my lab, I treated half a million photographs. So all science, people, scientifically engineered instruments, no human input. I don’t put my two cents into this. The energy does all the work. And the test results? Well, yeah, they speak for themselves. They speak. You know I’ve got 4,000 testimonies on the website. You know you can ask yourself well, why is it that this person tells us that they no longer have a viral load for herpes? Right, you investigate, you tell me what you think. People sign up for the 15-day free session. That’s why it’s there. 

Anika Jackson 15:56

Are you ready to take your brand’s new heights? Join the Brand Amplifier for Entrepreneurs program. Learn how to build, elevate and amplify your brand with a comprehensive 10-model course. Learn more about it and other ways to implement our strategies at fullcapacitymarketingcom. Click on EFCM Learning Hub for more information. Can’t wait to help you amplify your brand. Does this also have implications? I think about everything going on in the world right now, and you hear about people coming together with. You know the power of positive thinking or the power of prayer, just like trying to heal the world through putting that collective energy out. When you think about the wars and the conflicts and all of the things that happen, is this another modality that could perhaps be used to help guide people to make the right decisions to come together to yes? 

Tom Paladino 16:53

Yes, it actually helps people with our conscious to decide what’s right and what’s wrong, to give them a greater sense of clarity. There’s so many benefits here and I hope this science takes off and I hope people really embrace this technology. This will change the world in time. 

Anika Jackson 17:12

Yeah, the better Now on this journey, do you have people who are helping you? Now? Are you training other people how to do this? 

Tom Paladino 17:21

Nobody’s interested. You see, there’s no money in it. You cannot make a career out of this. Who wants to spend their life studying a science which there’s no money, there’s no immigration. No, nobody’s interested. 

Anika Jackson 17:34

No, so what’s going to happen once? 

Tom Paladino 17:38

Once I die? That’s a good question. You know that’s a good point. There have been, say, 10 skater energy experts that I admire, and then all of them none of their family members have continued on with it. Very few people really want to get into this science. None of them know why. It’s baffling to me, but for whatever reason. No, it’s just not happened. 

Anika Jackson 18:00

Then I think about on the flip side. You have an entrepreneur who’s not getting enough sleep, who’s like working grinding all the time, has no balance, not eating well. Their health is going downhill, so I see also a place where this can help them heal. But then how do we solve the human aspect of like, also making them realize they need to perhaps have a better quality of life and put a little balance, take care of themselves on the physical plane as well? 

Tom Paladino 18:29

Yeah, that’s a good point. Maybe the chakra balancing will give them that insight. We’ll correct their conscience. You’re right, correct. But life is more than just working, yeah. 

Anika Jackson 18:38

Yeah, although I feel like you probably spend a lot of your time working, but I also see joy in that. 

Tom Paladino 18:45

That’s right, you’re right. 

Anika Jackson 18:46

This really is your life’s purpose. 

Tom Paladino 18:48

It is, and it’s easy when you enjoy what you’re doing. It’s easy, really not work. 

Anika Jackson 18:53

Yeah, Wow. So obviously, if somebody wants to dip their toe into learning more, we know they can go to your website. We know that they can do the 15-day retrial. What other advice would you have for somebody who’s looking to go a little bit further on their journey of figuring out? You know how to improve things beyond the physicality of the. 

Tom Paladino 19:11

Yeah Well, we all have that gift. It’s called prayer, meditation, positive thinking. I firmly believe a thought, positive thought or prayer is a scalar wave and I can theorize. It can prove that, because a thought, a prayer does not observe time or space. You can pray at a distance. Well, scalar energy works at a distance. It transcends time and space and it’s non-physical. Prayer is non-physical. So we are scalar beings. Every time we think or pray, that’s a scalar wave that we’re creating. 

Anika Jackson 19:44

That’s such a great connection. Thank you, I think that’s going to be very clear. It’s very clear for me to visualize. I think it’s going to be very clear for our audience to understand the connection between those. So thank you for that. I really appreciate it. 


I was also thinking this morning about how, when you put more energy into something where your energy flows, attention goes or is it yes, all right when it goes, energy flows, I guess yeah, I said it backwards the first time, but I’ve seen that in my life with, like, if I put more energy and thought into certain things that I’m working on, more positive things are happening in those areas, whether it’s more opportunities for work or whether it’s more amazing people that I’m meeting, or whatever the case may be, and so I feel like that’s another way to frame what you’re doing. 

Tom Paladino 20:32

Yes, you’re obviously right, and that’s going back to my notion of thought, meditation, prayer. It’s a scan wave. What you think and what you pray for is what you get. It’s real. It’s very real, yeah, because if you set that intention out, that’s what comes back to your eventually in some form or another. 

Anika Jackson 20:51

So, besides spending a lot of time healing people so you said you don’t work one-on-one with folks have you written a book, or are you thinking about writing, putting this into a book or a manual or a workshop for that to leave a legacy beyond, obviously, the millions of people that you’re helping heal? 

Tom Paladino 21:07

Yeah, thank you. I’m writing articles just about one article every two weeks. That’s on the website. Well, I write a book, maybe in the future, but I’m just too busy. 

Anika Jackson 21:16

Yeah, and then I saw the article up into a book. 

Tom Paladino 21:20

I’m thinking about that. That’s a couple of years off still, but that’s a good point, thank you. 

Anika Jackson 21:25

No, I think that would be another way to help continue to introduce the work that you’re doing and get out to more people, which is obviously also why you are doing podcasting right and doing it so that you can reach more people. 

Tom Paladino 21:38

Yeah, and I thank you for that. That’s the only way. Again, with the control, let’s say the media is not fair. 

Anika Jackson 21:44

Thank you for this opportunity to speak to your audience Of course, and yeah, as I mentioned at the top, I love having a variety of speakers, so I have people on to really talk about business and entrepreneurship, and budgets, or SEO or marketing tactics or PR tactics, but I also love having the Feng Shui expert or the EFT expert or the human design expert or the scalar energy expert, and I think there are really great things, because they’re things that we need to be in tune with not just entrepreneurs, right, but every living being Again, thank you for this platform. 

Tom Paladino 22:20

This is a grassroots movement, and what you’re allowing me is to extend, to grow this grassroots movement. Now, why do I make that such a poignant statement? That’s all I can rely upon. I’m not going to get help from big business. Free energy is not going to be welcomed by big business. 

Anika Jackson 22:38

Well, and I wanted to ask about that next, because you talked about how this is free energy, but you can harness it in different ways. So, beyond helping humans, is there an implication not necessarily that you’re going to work on, but that somebody else could work on or might be working on to harness this for the energy we need for our homes, for? 

Tom Paladino 22:55

our vehicles. Yes, that’s one of the avenues we need to take and hopefully, as God gives me the knowledge, I’ll be able to light up the building. In the future, with scalar energy, I’ll be able to provide illumination without wires, free energy from the sun and the stars without pollution. I’d love to do that. 

Anika Jackson 23:14

Yeah, I mean, and that’s essentially we all have heard of solar energy, we see the solar panels, so I love this application to humans, but also how we can take it even further than just having the solar panels everywhere. So how long into your journey with this process did it take you to fine tune and finesse the first? 

Tom Paladino 23:34

20 years was theory. I had to learn and study physics. I had to learn Tessa’s work, and the last 20, 25 years I’ve been working with instruments has been a full entire 25 plus 20, 20 years, it’s been close to 50 years. So what’s the point here? It’s going to be much easier for the next generation because you don’t have to start from scratch from the ground floor. I’ve laid the way and I’ve paved the way, and so have other researchers, but in total, the answer question’s been 15 years of work. Oh my gosh. 

Anika Jackson 24:06

I mean that’s true dedication. I don’t think most entrepreneurs, whether they’re Spain or in a different vein, have given that much time to especially to think that you worked on theory for the first half of that. That’s such an investment, so it’s obviously something that you knew could have the opportunity to change the world. 

Tom Paladino 24:28

Yeah, you’re right, god led me and I would not have done then success or more when I have undertaken this, unless God’s hand was upon me. Because this is esoteric, let’s face it, it’s non-physical, it’s the spirit of God, that’s what I’m working with consciousness. I firmly believe this is a divine energy. 

Anika Jackson 24:48

Absolutely. So what do you think is next for you in this journey? I mean, at this site, you’re getting the word out more healing, more people. 

Tom Paladino 24:57

In the next two years I have to start working with hundreds of thousands of people, and once that the ball gets rolling and people speak to one another, the grassroots movement goes accordingly. Then, five years down the road, I’ll have time to work on free energy, and if I can eliminate at a distance, if I can provide energy at a distance to eliminate, then that will be the beginning of the end of the energy crisis. 

Anika Jackson 25:28

That’s a very big statement. I’m definitely going to want to check back in with you to see how that’s going down the road. 

Tom Paladino 25:35

Yeah, thank you, that’s my goal. Amazing, it’s my goal. 

Anika Jackson 25:39

Can you talk about some of the pain points that you’ve had in bringing this to the world, and did you ever get frustrated when you were spending all the time studying in the theory side and you hadn’t actually moved to the creation side? 

Tom Paladino 25:53

There have been hurdles, but thank God for God and thank God for people who are willing to listen. And every year that goes by, a greater number of people are embracing non-physical science or consciousness. They realize that there’s more than rocks and cars in the physical world. They see beyond that now. So we have a real awakening. We call it prayer, consciousness, the ability to appreciate God, believe in God, the divine Things have changed significantly, so it’s a lot easier today than it was 13 years ago. And what do I see? It’s just a matter of time now because people believe. Once people believe, you can’t stop and live, but you cannot stop this. Intellectual progress cannot be stopped. 

Anika Jackson 26:41

Yeah, so what does a typical day look like for you? 

Tom Paladino 26:45

Up early research in the lab for two hours, maybe write an article, look into other types of energy production. That’s really what I’m working on now energy production. It’s always a nine 10-hour day, so this is all I do. There’s no side jobs, there’s no hobby for Tom. This is it. 

Anika Jackson 27:05

My gosh. Well, that was going to be my next question is you’re bringing balance to people, but what balance do you have for your own life? 

Tom Paladino 27:11

I have my wife. That’s my balance. Without my wife, I’d be lost. That’s my balance. 

Anika Jackson 27:18

Amazing. And does she work with you? Does she do something? 

Tom Paladino 27:22

else she has another occupation, but she’s a big support. 

Anika Jackson 27:26

Yeah, fantastic. Well, if there is one thing that you want to leave everybody with, what would that be? 

Tom Paladino 27:34

We have incredible potential people the mind and the heart. The human mind, the human heart are scalar energy vessels. Every time we think or feel, that’s a scalar way. So what you put out there is what you’re going to inherit. A good thought will inherit a good response. A kind deed or mercy or love will respond in kind. So use your mind and your heart appropriately. So they are scalar waves that you’re sending out there, boom. 

Anika Jackson 28:02

And everybody can go to scalarlightcom and follow over the website and I have seen it’s very easy to find how you can get 15 days of free scalar light sessions. So what does that look like? When somebody I’m looking at your website, they click on the free trial upload your photograph. 

Tom Paladino 28:18

the age of the photograph doesn’t matter. At the end of the day I print out the photographs, the Mushi, on a couple sheets of paper, on a collage, and then the following morning I treat you for one hour for chakras, one hour for pathogens. The remaining 22 hours I download nutrients. Oh, I’m able to take photographs of nutrients and download nutrients into people. This is how I get my nutrition. I don’t take a protein shake. 

Anika Jackson 28:47

Oh my gosh. 

Tom Paladino 28:48

So this is the nutrient program for the remaining 22 hours a day I take photographs of vitamins and minerals and I download the energy into a quantum field, into a person. 

Anika Jackson 28:59

I was also noticing that we can submit our own photos, but you can also submit photos of children, loved ones, friends, pets, even. 

Tom Paladino 29:08

Please just get the permission of your family. I have two dogs and I treat my dogs. My pets are fine, they’re healthy. 

Anika Jackson 29:16

I’m very intrigued by that, because I have two dogs and they’re 10 and a half, and one of them has degenerative arthritis in five places, pancreatitis, kidney disease, high blood pressure, problems with her hips, with her CCLs, and it’s just more medications, more medications, special food, all these other things, and I’ve been sitting here going. There has to be a better way. There has to be something else I can do. 

Tom Paladino 29:44

Send your pet, send them in? 

Anika Jackson 29:46

I absolutely will. So, besides healing disease, people you said also can come and look into this, for if they have addictions, if they just need to have a more positive mindset, can somebody say, oh, I just want to lose weight? Or how granular, what level can people get to if they’re like I think I’m in good health, but I just wanted to try this out? 

Tom Paladino 30:10

You know. That’s why we always offer the 15 day free session. Why do we do that? We want people to be relaxed. We want people to experience it on their terms. For instance, to answer your question, we have a program. It’s called natural foods. There’s a photograph of tomato. If I wanted to download that information from tomato into me, I would hold up these two photographs together inside the instrument. So I received the phytochemicals, the antioxidants, from a tomato, but it’s downloaded into me energetically. This is how I receive my nutrition from energy, from sunlight, or if I wanted to receive the energy of spinach. Now, why am I saying this? When people go on this program, natural foods, they don’t eat so much because they’re receiving their nutrition through energy, through light. Wow. So it diminishes their appetite, so they eat less and they lose weight. 

Anika Jackson 31:10

This is just remarkable. I know that I’m signing up and I’m also thinking about not just my listeners, but other friends and people that I want to share this with as well. 

Tom Paladino 31:20

Please, please. That’s the way we get the word out. It works. And while you’re at it, you might want to consider this we have an endorphin and neurotransmitter program. People love this. When we match up photographs with endorphins and neurotransmitters, people are happy. We’re downloading. They’re called happy chemicals. We’re not downloading the chemical, we’re downloading the energy of the endorphin and the person, and the energy is even more pure than the chemical and people produce this feeling of elation. They’re happy. 

Anika Jackson 31:53

Fantastic. Thank you, yeah Well, I don’t know what else to ask you. I feel like this is just something that everybody has to investigate. 

Tom Paladino 32:03

Yes, that’s the best thing. I’ll tell you what sign up people 15 days of free sessions, scandorlightcom, and then, if your audience likes it and there’s a good feedback, bring me back next year and then you can report your testimony to me. Again, I don’t expect people to understand this right off the bat. It’s brand new, it’s a groundbreaking technology. So experience it. Try the 15-day free session and likewise, and if you like it, well, sometime next year you might want to invite me back and we’ll speak about your experience, definitely. 

Anika Jackson 32:36

I always have one last question that I like to ask Do you have a favorite quote, mantra, verse, words of wisdom that help you get through every day? 

Tom Paladino 32:45

Yeah, it’s real simple Love God, love your neighbor, love yourself. If the real practice that this would be so easy, this would be paradise. Love God, love your neighbor, love yourself, that’s it. 

Anika Jackson 33:00

Those are great words and they’re really important words to pull out right now. We’re having a crazy time in the world with that, but it’s always a crazy time right. There’s always so much conflict and so many events natural disasters but if we put more love into everything we do and how we treat people, we’ll see the fruit of that. So, tom, thank you for this demonstration, for sharing your passion and your purpose with us. We’ll obviously have the website and the show notes, and this episode will also be on all of my channels Traverse TV, 360, talk Radio for Women, as well as all the regular podcast channels and in my blog. So I’m looking forward to experiencing this and reporting back to everybody, and I invite my listeners and watchers to join in with me and let me know let Tom know what you think. 

Tom Paladino 33:57

Yeah, please, thank you so much. Let’s heal the world people. Thank you, you’re it Fantastic. 

Anika Jackson 34:04

Thank you, everybody for listening to another episode of your brand Amplified, or watching it, and I’ll be back again in a few days with another amazing expert. Want more? Check out amplifywithanika.com or follow me on socials at @amplifywithanika.

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