Redefining Destiny: Asanda Madikane’s Journey from Creative Director to Entrepreneurial Visionary

Have you ever considered what fuels a person's drive to redefine their destiny? Meet Asanda Madikabe, CEO and founder of Shift Pivot, a woman whose narrative is a tapestry woven from resilience, creativity, and the powerful influence of entrepreneurial lineage. Asanda's voyage takes us from the scenic landscapes of South Africa to the rigorous battlefield of the film industry, and beyond. Her candid reflections on family, failure, and forging ahead will spark your own introspection and perhaps ignite an unquenchable desire to align your profession with your deepest passions.

Journey with us as we traverse the transformative path from a creative director at Channel Three to an entrepreneur and recording artist in the heart of Belgium. Asanda's tale is one of adaptation—moving countries, shifting career gears, and embracing motherhood, all while being supported by the unwavering faith of a partner. The melding of personal growth with professional ambition is a dance that Asanda choreographs with grace, showing us that sometimes closing one successful door can lead to the opening of another that resonates more with our evolved selves.

Finally, the stage is set to dissect the strategies that underpin the success of today's businesses. Asanda doesn't just share her story; she lays out a blueprint for building robust business infrastructures designed to flourish in the digital age. Her focus on empowering women entrepreneurs through tailored advertising systems, strategic team assembly, and the seamless interplay of lead generation and conversion processes is nothing short of a masterclass. If you're seeking to elevate your brand or simply in need of inspiration from a visionary leader, Asanda's insights are the compass by which to navigate your entrepreneurial journey.

Episode Transcript

Anika Jackson 00:01

Welcome to your Brand Amplified, the podcast where we interview marketers, publicists and brands to learn their stories, what makes them tick and tips and tricks that make a difference. This is Anika Jackson, and I am so thrilled to have somebody who may change your life Just by listening to this episode. Asanda Madikane, who is a CEO and founder of Shift Pivot. Asanda, thank you so much for being here today.

Asanda Madikane 00:29

I’m excited to be here, Anika.

Anika Jackson 00:32

I love meeting up with fellow influencers and great minds, and it’s always a pleasure to share my knowledge with everybody else, as well, yes, and you do have some knowledge that you’re going to drop on us today that will create huge shifts and pivots in people’s businesses. We’re going to get into your case study, but before we get into that and what you do now, you have been a creative your entire career. I mean, gosh, I was looking over your credentials and everything creative director, music artist, producer, commercial director. You’ve done so many different things. I’m fangirling over you because I’m so excited by all the things that you do, but I would love to hear more about your journey and how your journey took you to your own shifts and pivots before you realized that, where you are now helping other businesses, particularly women on businesses, the top 1% of business entrepreneurs make changes that will have such a big impact on their lives.

Asanda Madikane 01:32

I think the best basis start would probably be my parents, because they were self-educated individuals. My dad had no education and he kind of worked hard to make enough money to put him through school, so he was very poor. My mom was an intellect, so she went to university and she followed her passion as a nurse and a teacher and a psychologist. I had this influence of people who were hungry for knowledge and wanted to change their lives and they became entrepreneurs by opening their own store. Because of the lack of knowledge and the lack of information, the whole business after five years completely crumbled and shifted our rival world and their world and we were back to not even knowing what you were going to eat in the morning and going to school with one slice of bread and trying to keep up with everybody, while still going to a very privileged school in South Africa so it’s like a private school, because most schools are public and still showing up in a private school in South Africa and knowing very well like you might come home with no electricity or there’s no water and going back to your little prippy school with a uniform and looking these because they said, whatever happens, you will continue to have education, you will continue to go to school. It doesn’t matter if we don’t have anything to eat.


So seeing them struggle and understanding and the feeling of coming home and having all of your furniture on the streets because the sheriff of town came to take your things away, it stays with you. It really stays with you and you kind of realize that something’s got to give. I mean, these people work extremely hard and they’re just losing everything. When you kind of understand, when you’re older, is because they just didn’t have enough information to become successful entrepreneurs in the long term. And I think the turn for me was when I was deciding what kind of career I wanted to do and I had two choices. I worked really hard, I was really good at school and very diligent at it and I was like I’ve got two choices I either be an orthodontist because I love tea.

Anika Jackson 03:41

God knows why I wanted to do that.

Asanda Madikane 03:44

I wanted to be an orthodontist. That’s what I wanted to do and then. But I also had this passion for storytelling, and theater and film was what was calling me, and I did so many things at school when it came to choir and performing. So I was always doing stuff on stage. You can ask anyone in my years like, yeah, I’ve just been on stage all the time. So I loved performing and I loved creating stories.


So my most pivotal question I ever asked my life was asking my dad what should I do? Should I do be an orthodontist or should I do film? My dad just looked at me and I think he understood very well why I was asking that question. He’s like, please, the last thing I want you to do is go to university and I pay for it, and then you find that you’re not happy, so that you continue working very hard. And the next thing I see in the news, you’re standing in the building and you want to throw yourself off the building because you’re not happy and that’s not how it’s supposed to work. Don’t choose a job just because you know it’s going to give you money, and don’t choose a job because you think it’s going to be fun, because whatever you choose, you’re going to have to fight for it. You just have to choose what you want to fight for. So I was like, okay, no, that doesn’t clear everything out. That absolutely clears. Like, what am I willing to fight for? Because it’s never going to be easy. Whether I choose being an ardentist or a filmmaker, it’s not going to be easy. But what am I going to fight for? And I chose Ful and he was absolutely right.


I fought tooth and nail to be a top performer and the film school was extremely competitive, with male and dominance over the way that you tell stories and structure. And that’s what showed me what true grit is. That’s what showed me that it does matter what we spend our time creating and efforts towards it, because we somehow, the universe, conspires to help you to attain it. As long as you want to fight the good fight or overcome those battles, you just go through them knowing that this is what I want. So this is what I want. I’m willing to go there. That’s to answer your question. That really opened up to. I was never afraid of trying something new because I had. I was very sure with myself, or in very strong alignment, that that’s what I wanted to do and I was willing to get the rejections and negativity, the hate, the lack of support. I was willing to go through it because that’s what I wanted and it meant a lot to me.

Anika Jackson 06:13

Yeah, like I can tell how much passion you have for it. Yeah, but I love that you also talk about that you have to fight for it, because I think a lot of times, yes, when we’re in the flow state, when we’re doing what we’re really supposed to be doing and something we’re passionate about, but we also have the skill set for, and that we’re willing to fight for right, I feel like things do flow to us more easily, but there are still going to be hurdles in your road. You’re still going to have to show every day. You’re going to have to show up and show that this is what you really want, and there are so many distractions in life that can take us down different paths.


And every time I find this with myself. Every time I go down one of these other threads, I keep going back to the center because I’m like oh yeah, this is what I’m really supposed to be doing. That sounded nice, it looked good. Maybe it was more of a steady foundation for right now, but it’s not where I’m supposed to be. So I love that you’re talking about this, that you had a fight for it and that you were willing to step up every day to do something you were very passionate about.

Asanda Madikane 07:11

Absolutely, I think. And every time I did step away and do something what I thought everybody else wanted or I thought what, like I said, expected of me. It just never turned out right and it was really hard and difficult and it even sucks even more when it’s not something you’d want to do. So I was like, okay, let’s do this, I’ll just do what I want to do and then just know that I’m going to go up the mountain and fight the battle for that, and at least every day when I’m, if I’m sad or I’ve had enough, I know it’s still what I want. I did. I said I’m working on something that you don’t even want and you still wondering why, why am I suffering so much for something that I don’t even want? And it’s not even an idea or a gift that I want for myself, like we always want these high expectations, but whose expectation is mine or other people? So I had to be very clear with my own voice, my own inner voice, on making decisions in my life.

Anika Jackson 08:13

Wow, and you moved from South Africa. Now you are in Belgium, correct? How did you transition? Was that part of your job? Was that part of the roles that you were playing? That was me being ambitious.

Asanda Madikane 08:27

I was still young, I was like 21 when I started working in film and commercial working on millions of dollar commercials as very young black, very petite South African, and I had incredible bosses that I was working with who really believed in me and I just got to play. It was just this beautiful playground where I could create and do whatever I want and I just and.


I’m getting all this money. You’re like, what am I supposed to do with all this money? That’s like so much in my lifetime. I was like, oh my goodness, but I had so much fun doing that. And I think the crisis came around and it would shut down kind of the high paying commercial jobs and my bosses kind of shifted because they were in their 60s already.


Oh, wow they wanted to go and I don’t know, want to cut it ago and watch the Formula One and the other ones Horse, horse, whatever ranch. I was like you guys, go live your best lives. I’m just starting. So I found myself with my experience of working in corporate television as a creative director Channel three of South Africa at my young age. And you play differently, because the play now it was very restricted. We couldn’t expand on what we wanted to do. It was always stuck in these specific regimen and I had no space to expand my creativity. I got what I wanted. I had a high paying job and doing very little and I was very bored. So I was like I got to do something else.


And at that same time I met an incredible man that would literally change my life and be my husband, and he was Belgian. And so I was like, well, you’ve been here in South Africa for 10 years, maybe we should go back in Belgium, maybe I’d like to try it out there and see if I can continue my expansion. And we left, obviously, and we came to Belgium, but it was not what I expected. It was not the land of milk and honey and free opportunities. It was almost totally the opposite and he didn’t warn me about that. But I didn’t listen. And he did warn me and I didn’t listen and I just came to another world where I was not part of the cookie cut of anything. I just I was completely the exterior alien on the side. And that’s how even my work and my experience was not recorded, because I got from feedback. It’s like people were intimidated.


I was so young and they’ve had to work 10, 15 years to get the same position that they have. So there were always in this contradiction way to hire me or not. So I was like, after 301, I’m joking About 56 different interviews, like literally 56 interviews I was like, let me just go and do something else and I really love film, but I can’t grow and expand the way that I want here. So my other passion is to learn how to manage money and how to be an entrepreneur. So I took on the opportunity to go to one of the best universities here in Europe and that’s where I just bloomed as an entrepreneur and launched my first project and he got awards and it just did extremely well. I was just completely in this different way of creating and creating it in a way that could actually also shared with other people, so that’s how I got to.

Anika Jackson 11:48

Belgium, fantastic, yeah. And then you started your independent career. You won awards, and when did you also decide to become a recording artist? Was this something you were doing in South Africa and that was doing? And so, yeah, not a lot of people can say they’re recording artists successfully.

Asanda Madikane 12:08

I love singing. I love singing more than anything else Like. If I could, like, quit my job or my business or whatever it is that I do in my lifetime, I would go and just think I love singing. I was a 100% choir girl. It was my home, it was my family, it was my everything. It was the fullest expression of myself and my joy, and I wanted to be a music artist.


But this was before the great opportunities of the internet. Right, we just record and make yourself an artist. You had to like, know someone, know someone who can give you a deal and la la. So it was another good old, complicated days. Yet I couldn’t have that as I didn’t have the opportunity to make that in a career.


So, once I’ve launched my e-commerce, when I was in Belgium my first son and everything but I realized that I was not aligned with my offer and my business I was creating. I was actually creating a business for everybody else to say wow, you made it in Belgium. You accept you. Yes, you’re amazing. Oh my gosh, I was doing it out of frustration that I came here with my gifts. Nobody accepted me and I’m going to prove you guys wrong. I did prove you, everybody wrong. I had the e-commerce, I had the wards, but it just felt so empty. It’s like what the hell am I doing? I’m just building this business because I’m looking for validation for everybody else and I think when you become a mom and you have your first child or whatever you carry a human being, you become a completely different person and you just have a completely different reflection about life, and I took on the responsibility to not continue to create a facade that was making me very unhappy but making my ego great.

Anika Jackson 13:56

So it just didn’t fit me.

Asanda Madikane 13:58

It didn’t fit my personality and I had an amazing person. I was like why are you running around trying to please everybody, trying to do the right thing? I’m just trying to prove, prove I can do it. But when you’re up to you give birth and you feel like a sticky mom, you don’t give a damn. After a while you’re like if you’re not free, you’re like I just want to do my thing. And that’s when the shift really happened.


And after my second child arrived, that’s when I was like no, this is not my legacy, that I want to leave. Yeah, I have to find out what it is that makes me happy. What do I stand for? What can I create that is selfishly, for the first time in my life, selfishly, just for me. And I was like well, we’re going to close my business, sell my assets and be a recording artist. I was sweating. I’m not going to lie to you. I was like stressed out of my mind. I made a decision it was stress with that to call my husband and tell him what I was about to do. And I had baby calm down, so I wanted to sit down. I wanted to just I don’t even want to talk to you. Basically, I called him and you know what he said to me. He says I have absolute faith in you because every time you do something you give 100% of yourself. So this time it’s for you.


And I was like I just boiled, I just bore crying and I just launched into creating all the music that was in my heart and performing. And I learned for the first time in my life that when you do something you’re really good at which was I’m really good at singing, I believe and when you’re absolutely passionate about it and you have a little bit of business skills, I’ve never created anything so seamlessly easy in my life. It just it goes flow. But every day was flow. Creating the music was flow, finding gigs and events to perform, it was just. It came to me. It’s like almost I opened the door of opportunity and it just like him swimming in.


I was like I don’t know what this is. I’ve never seen ease before. What is this easy thing? I always had to work hard and fight for it and climb mountains and for the first time there was like there’s no climbing, there just is. And that’s how I am still am a music artist, because it just gives me absolute joy, and when I’m performing on stage it feels like my heart is exploding. There’s just so much love that I’m giving and I don’t even want anything back. I’m just like I’m happy to be. Yet that’s it. It’s enough.

Anika Jackson 16:26

It was just enough and I love it, but how beautiful that when you finally did something for yourself, the world opened up and it flowed so easily. And also to give that gift to your family, because the same thing I think my daughter is my legacy and my job is to really. She is who she is and she’s always been. I really believe that kids are who they are, but it’s our job to help guide them and to also show them a good example, and by people pleasing, by doing things that were for other people, that was not showing them that they could achieve everything that they have inside themselves. So kudos to you for recognizing that, for having such a supportive partner so that you could give this gift to your family, but also the gift of your voice that you hadn’t been using to the world.

Asanda Madikane 17:16

It’s a game changer and I think that’s how I’ve taken that experience with flow, that I had music and I put it in my business now that I have now and it’s the two work well together. So it’s great to listen to this that, yes, you need hard work and you need to be determined, but it also has to make sense why you have to wake up the real morning. Yeah, it has to be. Yeah, that’s why I can say it.

Anika Jackson 17:41

And it’s a perfect segue into talking about your current business of Shift Pivot. I know you have some great case studies you’re going to share, and so you’re a consulting agency. A lot of people get confused about sales. What do we do for digital advertising? Does digital advertising even work anymore? You know there’s so many complexities and the rules are always changing.


And then you’re in Europe, so we know that there are certain the GDPR and the privacy restrictions, and then we have different ones in California versus the whole US versus, and China has their own. So it gets very complex and thinking about all these things. But so you’ve created a process in a system that really works to make sure that people are not having to deal with all of these what ifs and shiny bubbles and oh gosh, what do I do now? And the sky is falling and how much money do I have to spend and all those questions. So what was the pivot to your company? Taking your degree, taking the flow that you saw, the ease with your own career Once you moved to something you were really passionate about, how did you have the aha moment to build a system and what is your system?

Asanda Madikane 18:48

I didn’t want to start my business. It was not something I wanted to do. I really was enjoying the music and the creation of music. But then the pandemic era. So yay, pandemic. And the pandemic said now you have to shift. I’m like again. I was like why, having a good time, why was I changing it? Like no, now you’ve been called to do something else you have to call.


I was like I’m not coaching anybody. I don’t want to do. I’ve got a thousand million coaches out there. I’m not coaching because people are asking me can you help me with my website? Can you help me with this? I have to move my brick and mortar store online digitally and I can’t do. I don’t know what to do it, but you know how to do it.


So I had all these people asking me during my very quiet and relaxing time with my children and pandemic to like do coaching, and I was like I don’t want to do this. And everywhere I’d walk, I’d be walking and I’d hit my toe. I’d hit my toe like the smoothest surface in mankind. I’d hit my toe and hit my toe, and then to a point where one Sunday I was walking towards a cafe, hit my toe, broke my toe and I just like. I was like I just like, ok, OK, ok, I give up, I’ll do coaching. I had a deal with my guides and my ancestors that if I don’t listen, don’t let me go often, create something for like two years and then quit on it. Just tell me immediately or shout loud or give me a sign like what I need to do next so I don’t waste time.

Anika Jackson 20:19

Well, they were definitely giving you the signs.

Asanda Madikane 20:23

They broke my toe, I’m not going to the hospital, is COVID out there and he just like he just like pulled my toe back and I was like, all right, I’m out. I couldn’t coach and, yes, I resisted, but in that resistance did I understand how I wanted to create the business. I was building the business on how I wanted to work, the people that I wanted to work with and as I was creating this platform to helping other entrepreneurial women to bring their businesses online, create a great offer and send it out into the world. I was very also knowledgeable on the changes that you told about marketing and sales and this new app and that new shiny thing. Yes, they always something. It used to be six months, now it’s like every three months. There’s like something new and something shiny and I was able to adapt those things, but also be very true to what I wanted to do.


Like this is I don’t want to do everything. I don’t want to be a dancer on TikTok. What, what Right? You know what I mean. Yeah, like I know what works for me and my flow. Can I teach other entrepreneurs to create a business on their flow as well? And that’s how ship pivot really happens. Like, instead of you trying to create with everything what is?


it that you want to create with first and then build onto it, and that’s how the systemization began.

Anika Jackson 21:49

Wow, so tell us a little bit about that. So you build acquisition systems and teams which are ideal client.

Asanda Madikane 21:57

So I’m working with online service providers so any business that works online and coaches and consultants and we actually give them, we build, we give them a done for you built for you already system to bring in more leads, because that was the biggest pain point that my clients were having they just didn’t know how to convert their viewers, their followers, all their marketing efforts, they couldn’t convert those people into leads. So we actually built a system for them. So it’s a step by step. You just have to plug and play that actually brings in the leads for them and we actually train them as well of what the steps look like when you’re bringing in a new lead, how to nurture them, how to convert them and then, obviously, deliver your offer all in one platform.


And that made it easier for everybody to not be lost doing a thousand things, because focus was the most highest commodity that they were not using very well. Their focus was doing many things instead of focusing on one thing at a time in their business. That’s what the system, or the built for you system, does. And then what we also knew that was important was also the coaching. We had to coach them on the new skill of how do you bring in more leads? How do you speak to these? How do you do marketing? How do you sales and make it very connected to who they are and how they want to do it? And that’s how the system was created.


Also, what we best. As we built the system, we understood that businesses grow and they have different challenges, and so the next challenge was obviously hiring and getting good people into their company, and we were able to offer solutions for that as well, as well as having trainings for their teams and keep them motivated, because salespeople have a very specific mindset and you have to keep them motivated. So it was. I wanted to make sure that when you came into our business, you know, into our build and release infrastructure you were fully supported into your business skills to a million dollars and more.

Anika Jackson 23:54

And you have us. You study about a client. You got two million dollars in eight months time, my gosh. Can you hear a little bit about that client and when did they come to you? I don’t know if you can share more about their business, but I’d love to hear a little bit more about that.

Asanda Madikane 24:15

Yes, she’s one of many, and that’s what gives us so much confidence to. I say us, because it’s not me, only me, who works very hard in this company.


She’s just one of many others, from cyber security to fitness coaches, to life coaches and the reason I used her case study? Because she did spiritual coaching and not just any spiritual coaching. She was doing nine dimensional spiritual coaching. So it was a fantastic case study. To say it doesn’t matter how crazy your niche is or how out there it is. If you have the right system and you have the right focus at the right time in your business, you can also scale your business.


So she had this very important passion and purpose driven work and she just didn’t know how to convert all her attention meaning people that were following her on Facebook and Instagram and listening to her every day give it, because she was giving out a lot of information with her heart, but it was not really converting back into the full abundance of who she was. Wow, unless we started creating these beautiful containers to help the audience enter into her world and systemize that so that her company can be supported. That’s when the magic happens. So not only do we have a physical structure that helped her audience get to be part of her world, but they were also nurtured and looked after that process and those two aspects were so important in building the infrastructure. So that’s why we added strong team leaders who are in sales, that can actually talk to the clients and bring them into the sales process and nurture them into their chosen programs, and it just felt so holistic and it felt so specific to her and her needs.


Right, but the structure was there. So it was the same structure we use for everybody’s company, but I just loved how she really made it. Her experience Her clients came to a business so unique and that’s what made her business scale to one million. She was speaking the language to her clients and they heard her clearly and they knew how to get to her. And that’s what systems are there for. They’re just supposed to create a straight line to your goals, yeah.

Anika Jackson 26:32

When you work with clients, do you start with the end in mind. Do you start with I want to make a million dollars in my business, and then you work backwards, yeah.

Asanda Madikane 26:41

I always say I love that, that’s a great question. I always say what do you want? Because if you can’t tell me what you want, we can’t work together. Yeah, I can’t tell you what your goals are, I can’t tell you what you want, I can’t tell you what you have to tell me, and then I can show you how to attain your goal, and then we start the work.

Anika Jackson 27:02


Asanda Madikane 27:02

Because then the clarity of what the client wants becomes so clear for them. Then we can build the map to get there. It’s usually when they’re confused, and confusion leads to distraction and distraction leads to chaos. So once the entrepreneur really gets focused on what they want and how they’re attaining it, everything just magnetizes to that specific offer or that specific activity and things start to go around. I do believe that when the leader shows up in the company, the company works. Ooh, he needs to talk about that. Yeah, because if there’s no leader, if there’s no one leading the vision, there’s no one who has clear guidance of where that all of us are going.


All decisions are just spontaneous. Let’s just send a post and oh, no, send an email. Oh, today I’m feeling lucky. Let’s do a video. No, like, the universe loves order. It just loves order. It loves geometry, it loves connection, and once you are connected with yourself, you can lead the company and then the company can serve you.

Anika Jackson 28:13

That’s the ship that needs to happen. That is very profound, but you just said because I think that’s a lot of the problem it’s the entrepreneur’s dilemma we start these businesses Usually we’re alone. We don’t have the guidance, we don’t know which of the people out there telling us that they’re the one who can solve our problems is the right person. We might not have the budget, we might not have the funding stream set up yet, but we know we have something. But then we’re working and we’re serving the business. And then, when we start hiring employees, we’re serving the employees, the customers. It’s not that shift you just talked about, where the business is working for us. We’re not working for the business. That’s a huge mindset shift.

Asanda Madikane 28:54

It’s a huge mindset shift. It’s a scary one for some entrepreneurs, because they realize that they are responsible for everything that they create. It’s not the business as well, it’s actually you. You are holding the frequency and the energy of everything that’s going on in your business. And once they make that shift that the business is not there to solve their childhood trauma or make their popular, or make them rich or whatever all these things once they get over them, they realize oh, I’m just going to create the business to give me what I want.


Create a business that gives you what you want, because the end game is that you’re going to die anyway. So make the life good while you’re here. So get the business, help you Make the business, help you create a life well lived, and that’s what’s the purpose. And then the mindset comes. It’s almost like the stress lifts off your shoulder. Yeah, like you don’t have to prove something, right? Yeah, and I think you can have clarity on what needs to be done in the business instead of what I saw on Instagram yesterday. We need to do the same thing, right?

Anika Jackson 30:04

Exactly, exactly. Yeah, that’s so profound. So you work with people all over the world, all over the world.

Asanda Madikane 30:13

Yeah, anyway, and that’s so fantastic about it and they’re working with different time zones and different dialects and different accents, and incredible people who are really geared to changing their own lives. And that’s the kind of people that I want to work with. Like, what are you again coming to that alignment? Like what is it that you want and can our company help you get there Right? And they just give so much of themselves and help our clients, and it’s always growing and shifting. But, yeah, everyone’s international. I think even my clients, I think most of my clients are from the US, oh nice.


Most of them are from the US, even though I’m in Europe and I have some Europeans, but most of them are from the US, wow. But my team is from all over the world, yeah.

Anika Jackson 31:02

That’s one of the beauties, I think, that, even though we all came on more digitally faster because of COVID, it’s also one of the beauties of that experience together is that we can have these conversations we never would have met if we weren’t on the same platform, right, and we hadn’t been able to figure out how to make this happen, and now I know that we’re going to stay connected.

Asanda Madikane 35:35

Yeah, definitely.

Anika Jackson 31:22

Love that so much. And when it comes to what part of the business like, can somebody have just started their business or do they need to be a few years in and start having pain points before you work with them? And do you work with the smaller businesses, do they have to have a certain market size before you take them on?

Asanda Madikane 31:40

I think the best way to answer a question is our best clients are the ones that already have a business. So they started three months ago, two months ago, and they have done their best to search for a solution. And then they come to us for simplicity. And why I say that it’s not a beginner’s game? Because when it’s a really startup, they don’t really know yet what they want to create. And it’s very difficult to create a business when you still kind of find out what exactly it is that you want, because your mind is going to change and your mood is going to change and then the decisions change. So that’s what we found out was like super, I just got out of quit my job and I want to do this. It’s very difficult because the offer so important, the clarity of the offer and the value of the offer has to match with the marketplace. So you may come and I want to do crochet, but crochet to whom, how and who wants this thing? And is it some of the people? One? And sometimes you have to tell them no, nobody wants that and there’s not enough people in the market for you to give that.


So we really help our clients Create a great offer first that is aligned with the market and at a high value, because once you start Lower valuing your, your offer, so does the market. So we’ll have to change their mindset about their offer, restructured so that it’s actually profitable in the long term, so that they can grow a team and they can scale their businesses. So we’re always thinking long term for our clients and not just like I need to sell Something now to make money. No, it’s long-term perspective of how this often needs to Serve the market now and in the future and how you can also adjust that. So we always start with the offer and we help them create. We’ll re look at their offer to make it profitable to the market.


Especially, the market comes extremely saturated and everyone’s doing the same thing, which is great. I think it’s a great thing that markets are saturated means there’s business. So that just means that you just have to be able to structure your offer that actually solves a Solution for the marketplace and then show up at the right place, right. So that’s how I don’t really think this Competition the competition is very important. This is how you’re going to create your offer to fit the marketplace. That’s one the first thing we do. So we do work with people who already have a business. They’ve tried and they can see there’s something not working. That’s when they come to us because they’re very clear that some things are working and we become the solution to that.

Anika Jackson 34:23

Fantastic. Wow, I’m really excited about this conversation. This is one of those conversations I say probably every maybe ten episodes of interviews.


This conversation comes at the exact right time for me, where I’m making shifts in my mindset and everything that you’re saying resonates with me so deeply about working and persevering and shifting your mindset and stopping Thinking about what everybody else would be happy with right and trying to people please and really owning your own power and living in your own power and then sharing that with others. So I’m just, you know, so thrilled, Asanda, that you are here today. I’d love to see is there one thing for people who are just starting out their businesses might not be ready to implement your system, because we will have links to your materials in the show notes and I do want you to share your link as well, verbally. But you know, is there one thing that you can say, one or two that you can say to somebody who is just starting their journey? They might know what their offer is, but they might not be ready. They haven’t felt the pain points yet.

Asanda Madikane 35:27

To new entrepreneurs, I first want to say welcome. It is just a game.


We take it so seriously. It’s just a game and and you need to know what the rules of the game so you can break the rules and do whatever you want. And the fastest way to Break the rules and do whatever you want is just to work with someone who has really played the game failed multiple times and then one, but then you don’t have to do it. Just don’t stop her. Don’t just don’t stop her. So just know how to play the game and just have fun doing it. And if you are creating something, create something that you’re willing to work hard for, have sleepless nights over. This is not a job from the office. You can only rely on yourself, and I want you to go out there and create something and For it to fail, so that you could learn about who you are right, but what kind of person you want to be and where you want to spend your energy Creating.


I have worked with people who just came out of, who wanted to be entrepreneurs, but their mind was still how do I say this gently? Like in this victim good. Like somebody needs to look after me. I need a raise, I need days off, I need someone to come and rescue you. There’s no one coming to rescue you. When you’re an entrepreneur, you learn how to rescue yourself, and when you come into the game with that mentality that you’re here to learn and implement and do what’s necessary, then you are more than welcome to come and contact me and join any other Coaching programs that you want to join, or consultation things, wherever you may choose, is that you just come ready to play the game and you’ll find your selfic success, whether it’s your own personal growth or the growth of your company, though what happens simultaneously. So all new entrepreneurs, welcome to the game. It’ll just a game, david, easy. It’s not about you. It’s about what you want to give to the world.

Anika Jackson 37:36

And what about for people who happen in the game for a little while and they want to know More about your services, how they can work with you? Do you have mastermind classes that you hold as well, or group sessions, or is it more one-on-one work with clients?

Asanda Madikane 37:50

And my team has kind of grown. So we’ve really focusing on one offer and we’re offering to solve their lead generation Problems in their business. Yeah, so this is building an infrastructure for you to bring in new leads, to convert those leads and nurture those leads and then actually get them on board into your programs and your services. So we we give that all to you so that you don’t have to do that because it’s already done. You know you can focus on high-level activities, which is delivering your offer to your clients and nurturing your team and growing and scaling your business to impact more lives.


I think it’s very important that if you want to change the world, the only way you can do that is to have a platform or a Support to do that, to hold that space to welcome people into your world. So that’s what the platform does. It’s a but for you you system, so that you don’t have to try to figure out technology. It’s done and all you have to do is learn the skill of speaking to clients, navigating your mindset to being a leader and really building the company that you want to be aligned to. So this is for anybody who already has a business and they’re tired of figuring it out by themselves, and also they’re just tired of joining groups of trainings and then you left your own demises. I’ve seen that you’re like. You’re on your own, like, and there’s nobody to help you.


This is definitely for you, because we have a team for sales.


We have a team for building your infrastructure and working on and designing your, your offers so that they become strong in the market, and helping you build your business as you grow, so that you’ll never feel like you need to go buy another course or another program just to solve a problem, or the problems and the solutions of your business growth are within the system. So I’m looking forward to constantly let people know that they’re not alone in the creation of their businesses and that they can play this game in 2024. Yeah, it’s not too late. It’s not too late to change your business. It’s not too late to shift your business. It’s not even late to pivot your business to a different direction, especially with AI and technology and that we’re using in our company. We use AI to really get you started where you need to be, so you don’t have to take six months to get to your goals and missions. Our clients are hitting their goals within four to six weeks, because everything is there for them to be successful. That’s amazing.

Anika Jackson 40:27

Yeah, Ah well. I’m definitely very inspired by this conversation. So, Asanda, I very much appreciate your time. I always end with asking for a favorite quote, mantra, family motto, where it’s a wisdom.

Asanda Madikane 40:43

My current great quote is life is difficult because you try to be normal when you’re an extraordinary human being.

Anika Jackson 40:54

And I forgot to ask, although I will have, obviously, your website in the show notes. The best place to go is shift pivotcom.

Asanda Madikane 41:02

Yes, you can go into wwwshiftshit Pivot one word P-I-V-O-T dot com and you’ll be able to have access to some of that information and our case study on our client who made one million in eight months and the fun that she had, is even a long testimonial video for you to watch of her experience.


And it was just so much fun because it was just so unexpected and we’re just so happy for her, and so that’s also available for you, and in that specific video that will be on the show notes, I walk you exactly exactly what we do in our company. So please go in there, steal it, use it, copy it. I want you to go in there and steal the formula that they’re not even a formula. I want to build the step by step, exactly how we building our infrastructures for our clients, that you can be also successful. This is my goal. You’ve heard my story. I want everybody to have the knowledge and the support that they need to be successful, since my parents didn’t have it. So this is why I’ve built an infrastructure to make it easy for you to find success and have the support to do so. So that’s my gift for today is that go and steal, take, absorb, implement what you learn in that video, and if you need any help, we’re here to help you to execute it as well.

Anika Jackson 42:30

Awesome, thank you so much, thank you, and thank you to all of our listeners and viewers for coming back to another episode of your brand amplified, and learning some great information and having a lot of inspiration today from Asanda, madhikana and Shiftpivot. I will back again in a few days with another expert to share their best tips, tricks and information and inspiration for you. Want more? Check out or follow me on socials at @amplifywithanika.

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